"Sales Leakage Consulting hosted a sales and marketing workshop for us which we completed as a team in eight hours.  Within a few days SLC  submitted a complete situation analysis (SWOT) and a comprehensive sales and marketing plan which included Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics.  Jim Obermayer, the principal worked with our marketing director and sales manager to complete a budget.  It was a great team building exercise and we have a firm grip on our future direction.”

Del Freeman
Managing Director
Healthcare Real Estate International, Inc


“Jim did a great job leading our team in developing a marketing plan.  He is an excellent facilitator and knows how to ask the right questions and keep the group engaged.  We were pleased with the findings and appreciated that Jim helped us develop goals and action steps to implement the marketing plan right away.”

Gary Kim


“Obermayer and I have conducted several day-long discovery workshops that help clients build marketing plans. Each session is quick to reveal a company’s situation, and because management is in attendance, consensus on the goals, objectives and strategies to increase sales can happen the same day. When completed the workshop deliverable provides a clear roadmap for marketing and sales to follow for the next 12 months.”

Larry McAdams
McAdams Group


“I was recently thinking about the growth of our Cardlock sales for both 2012 and 2013 and the growth we expect for 2014. The foundational work that you did assisting us with our Sales and Marketing Plan (when I was a newbie here!) came to mind.  The workshop that you hosted for my team was invaluable. It brought focus to our sales and marketing efforts, forced us to articulate and document our goals and provided us with a go-forward strategy and blue print.”

Tom Coleman
General Manager
Downs Energy


“For many years we have engaged Jim Obermayer to lead our management team in our annual SWOT day.  The exercise not only brings out on the table what everyone is thinking about our strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities, but it lays the groundwork for a modified plan for the coming year.  It’s amazing how much ground you can cover in just one day that begins with self-assessment in the market and rolls into goals, strategy and tactics. When it’s all done, you have a clear document that shows your existing situation and another one with a clear set of goals, strategies and tactics. If you think you can accomplish this on your but you never have done it, you probably never will.  Bringing in Jim Obermayer to run the day and lead the exercise is an invaluable investment in your company’s future and I’d strongly recommend it for any company. “

John B. Hasbrouck
NewLeads, Inc.


"Jim Obermayer is one of the most outstanding people in the world of sales and marketing. He has a great capacity to understand the big picture, plus the ability to boil it down to what needs to be done - and how to do it! I f you are seeking measurable results and a process that can be repeated, Jim is your man"

M. Scott Evans
Former Publisher
Sales & Marketing Management Magazine
(714) 797-2240


"A guy who understands how marketing leverages sales – who also has the experience and discipline to make sales calls and close deals – is a rare find. Jim's passion to reduce the inherent waste in most direct response and sales lead development plans is appreciated – and respected."  

Dick Damrow
Managing Partner
Contract Marketing Resources, LLC 


"Structured our company by implementing company wide policies and procedures. Found, qualified & hired new staff. Implemented annual Sales Forecast & Marketing Strategic Meetings. Implemented weekly staff and management meetings. Best Consultant ever. Will hire him again for future company projects."  

Karl Becker
Chief Operating Officer


"Jim, is a hard working, dedicated, loyal marketing and sales professional. He is a teacher, coach and leaders. He knows how to get things done, he knows how to persuade and he is persistent in accomplishing his objectives on behalf of his fellow team members and employer.

Jim has been a consultant for many of my clients and has successfully recommended significant changes to their sales and marketing processes."

Russell Kern, President
The Kern Organization. 818-703-8775


"I have known Jim for 20+ years and have watched him consistently push himself and the organizations that he works with to new levels. Jim's ability to get to the point and address the marketplace is second to none. As President of Brentwood Medical Product Jim helped us in marketing planning and in creating a business plan. If you looked under marketing and leadership in the dictionary you would probably see...James Obermayer"

Michael D. Paquin, Former President Brentwood Medical Products

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