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Obermayer speaks on a wide range of topics at national conferences and corporate sales meetings.  His topics vary from sales lead management to how to over come the clash between sales and marketing departments. 

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Presentation Topics
Obermayer speaks on range of topics from marketing ROI to stimulating salespeople to follow-up sales leads.  Recent topics include:

  • How To Stop Sales Leakage From Killing Your Momentum!
  • How To Get Cooperation From Sales In Following Up Sales Leads.
  • The Silence Of The Marketing Lambs; When Will B2B Marketers Stop Being The Victim.
  • Managing Leads To Prove Marketing's ROI! Why You Have To Be Bilingual: Marketing And Finance!
  • How Marketing Leakage Drags Down Sales Performance.
  • The 30+ Biggest Mistakes In B2B Marketing.
  • Unforgiven – How Marketing Forgives The Salespeople.
  • How To Turn Leads Into Sales.
  • The Three Sales Secrets That Salespeople Hide.
  • How To Build A Lead Generating Machine Based On Quotas.
  • The Sting; Why Marketing Isn't Getting The Credit It Deserves.
  • Is That The Slight Odor Of Decay I Smell? 19 Ways To Stop Sales Leads From Decaying!
  • How One Marketer Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest.
  • How To Increase Qualified Leads From Exhibits By 400%.
  • Terms Of Marketing And Sales Endearment; Breaking Down The Barriers Between Marketing And Sales.
  • Unlocking The Potential Of Your Sales Lead Assets!
  • Marketing The Rain Man: How Marketing Finally Takes Credit.

Comments from those who have heard Obermayer speak at the AeA, DMB, DMA, RMDMA, BMA, CDMA, AMA, Software Council, High Tech Marketing Assn., National Sales Meetings, IBM's Direct Marketing Conference, etc.

  • Learned more from Jim than…
  • Best speaker in the two day conference.
  • Stuff I can use tomorrow…
  • Best speaker I've heard so far…
  • Liked the emphasis on relationship between sales and marketing.
  • Liked strategies and real world knowledge.
  • Great info, very thorough
  • Liked marketing perspective.
  • Liked how marketing and sales should work together.
  • Great useable information.
  • Like the sales perspective.
  • Good evangelism.
  • Liked speaker's ability to keep me interested.
  • Liked data and instructions.
  • Energy.
  • Good useful information, handout concise.
  • Liked taking the oath…
  • Liked being told to be a wealth provider (marketing).
    Pacing was great, plus quotes and metaphors.

Obermayer is the author of three books:

Speakers Compensation

Obermayer is a fee based speaker.  Compensation varies depending on subjects, location of the event (domestic or international), whether the program is a keynote, workshop, seminar, or non-profit. 

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