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Slma_400x400 The Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA) was founded by James Obermayer, President of Sales Leakage Consulting, Inc., of Villa Park, Ca, and Mark Friedman, President of The Velos Group, Inc. of Tustin, CA.

This is a virtual association with the primary mission of helping companies become more successful in the critical business process of  Managing Sales Leads. Everyone can become a member by registering and gaining access to the content on the site. Over time, we expect to build an extensive library of articles, reports, and general information about managing inquiries.

When you join, there will be no meetings or dues, only access to information and to a panel of experts who can help you solve difficult Sales Lead Management issues you are facing. The association  encourages article submissions which will be put into categories for access by you.

Want to read about the subject of inquiry management?  The "Resources" tab is the heart of the site. This will grow and improve with time.

Need advice? Go to  "Ask the Experts" to e-mail our industry experts with your questions.

Want to contact someone on the Advisory Board? Go to the "About Us" section. 

Need a speaker, go to the "Speaker's" tab.

Mission Statement

The Sales Lead Management Association has been formed because Sales Lead Management is a basic business process that cannot be ignored simply because it crosses the line between sales and marketing.  We will provide information for members who want to manage their sales inquiries in a more efficient manner. 

The SLMA will provide best practices for marketing and sales management so that the marketing dollars put at risk have a predictable rate of return.  Combined with helping companies develop best-in-class Sales Lead Management processes and procedures, as well as implementing best practices in the use of Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, we believe that those companies that refine their systems will experience both a competitive advantage and more predictable revenues.   

There is an unpaid board of advisors for SLMA. These Advisors serve at the discretion of SLMA Management which is James W. Obermayer who serves as CEO and President, Mark Friedman, Executive Vice President, and Susan A. Campanale, who serves as Vice President of Membership and Marketing. Advertising on the SLMA site is available through Mr. David Stoddard, who represents SLMA for advertising sales.

Questions concerning the following should be directed to the appropriate person:

SLMA Content:
  James Obermayer, jobermayer@salesleadmgmtassn.com
Mark Friedman,  mark@velosgroup.com
Membership or Press Inquiries:
  Susan A. Campanale,  scampanale@salesleadmgmtassn.com
(714) 637-6989



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