Sales Leakage Consulting's mission is to seek out Sales Leakage in Business to Business Corporations. The company offers four basic services:

Sales Improvement Workshop

The Sales Improvement Workshop is a five-hour moderator-lead program that codifies a company’s sales and marketing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT).  From this swift identification of the challenges a company is facing, the moderator then works with participants to create a list of high-yield tactics that will increase sales in 90 to 180 days.  The final report is delivered within 48 hours.  

To learn more about this workshop, please view the PDF here.

Who should attend?

C-Level executives, marketing and sales personnel.

The Deliverables?

A six-to-ten page SWOT for sales and marketing, and a list of tactical programs that have the following attributes:

  1. The company can project ROI before the program is launched.
  2. The tactics are affordable.
  3. The tactics have everyone’s agreement. 
  4. The tactics have dates of completion and assignment by person.

The Results?

Sales increase within 180 days. The simplicity of the workshop combined with the report, the content of which is created by the attendees, ensures results.  It also helps that there are dates for implementation and people’s names assigned to each tactic. 

Why it works!

This approach works because team members, with all of their corporate and industry knowledge, can identify the issues that are roadblocks to sales, and quickly decide on the tactics to take advantage of the corporation’s strengths and opportunities while avoiding the weaknesses and threats. Done in a workshop setting, the creativeness of the group, as a group, produces ideas that individuals as individuals lack.

Workshop Leader

James W. Obermayer is a principal of Sales Leakage Consulting, Inc.  Obermayer is a four- time author, a radio host, and a frequent speaker.  He has moderated more than 100 market planning workshops.


James Obermayer, jobermayer@salesleakage.com(o) 360 933 1552

Sales Leakage Analysis: Because Missing Quota Affects Everyone

Most companies experience some Sales Leakage from time to time. It becomes a serious problem if left unchecked, eventually stunting the growth and sapping the momentum of the company.

Sales Leakage, really sales and marketing leakage, includes the many "leaks" which hurt sales productivity, reduce marketing effectiveness and waste the two most valuable resources a company has: time and money. When sales don't match forecast, the consequences are often severe. Friction builds within the organization as the sales department blames everything and everyone including marketing. The Marketing group struggles, spending more money with less oversight and seldom proving the ROI on the marketing money at risk. Staff meetings become tense. Discounting and other margin reducing options are unnecessarily common. Sales volume may temporarily bump up at the expense of bottom line profits.

The struggling company that has persistent quarter to quarter Sales Leakage usually has a high turnover in the sales and marketing ranks, sales expenses that are out of sync, and anemic gross and pretax profits. It is common that marketing either spends money without demonstrable success or they spend too little because they can't prove the ROI. There may also be continuous friction between admin, sales, marketing, finance and manufacturing.

The principal of SLC, James Obermayer begins 90% of the consulting engagements by performing a sales leakage analysis.  The result is a report that includes Sales Leakage findings and recommendations: each situation will be expanded upon using this CEO friendly format.

  • Situation: Brief statement of the issue.
  • Why: The reason this has come to our attention.
  • Sales Leakage: If any exists.
  • Benefit: The benefit derived from fixing the situation.
  • How to fix it:  The suggested way to fix or implement the change.
  • Time for Implementation: The approximate timing or time required to fix the issue.
  • Cost: If known.
  • Risk: Any risk factors by implementing the changes.
  • Reward: The financial or productivity reward for implementing the recommended improvements.  

Creating Sales & Marketing Plan to Drive Sales

Last year’s ideas aren’t enough to grow business this year. The lack of an annual marketing plan to increase sales is a weakness shared by too many companies. For others, plans are developed without management consensus. How can markets be penetrated or retained without clearly articulated Objectives, Strategies and Tactics? In this discovery workshop,  James Obermayer coaches and leads attendees through the creation of an actionable plan.

Workshop Goal:To develop a sales & marketing plan driven by objective with management consensus.

Workshop Content:

  1. Learn what necessary elements need to be included in an effective marketing plan
  2. Build a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats and Opportunities) analysis
  3. Create Objectives, Strategies and Tactics to guide marketing efforts throughout the year

Session Length:

One day. The final plan is delivered within 5 days after editing, draft pricing, etc.

Participants: Key management personnel that benefit from Marketing Plan:

  1. C-Level Executives: Owners, CEOs, and Presidents
  2. Sales and Marketing Management
  3. Financial and operational Management (CFOs, CTOs, General Managers, etc.)


  1. A plan is created by which performance can be measured. Tactics have dates for completion, are given budgets, and assigned people who are responsible for the tactical completion.
  2. Sales, marketing and management teamwork are enhanced
  3. A marketing budget can be planned for and allocated over the course of the year

Deliverable Plan Includes: (delivery is approx. one week after the workshop)

  1. A SWOT Analysis
  2. Objectives, Strategies and Tactics
  3. Calendar / Tactic assignment time table / Draft budget

Workshop Leader: 

Sales Leakage Consulting, Inc. – James Obermayer.  Obermayer is a sought after speaker and workshop leader at national conferences and sales meetings. He is also an author of four books.


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