Getting a donkey to drink?

Wisdom says, “You show him a drinking donkey.” How true it is in our relations with co-workers in Sales and Marketing, that we often tell, mandate, demand, coerce, force, pressure, compel, dictate and intimidate…but we seldom lead by example.


For instance: 

1. There is the sales manager who tells his salespeople to use the CRM system, but doesn’t use it herself.

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You can't sprinkle sugar on bull____ and call it candy!

Sometimes it doesn’t make any difference how much sugar you add to something it won’t change the outcome.   Sprinkle a little or a lot of sugar on bull___ and it won’t change the taste; you can’t make it into candy.   You have to start with meaningful ingredients.  Let’s take sales lead management (yeah, I know it’s a stretch, but read a bit more).


 C-level managers want to spend only enough on marketing to make forecast.  That’s it.  Anything more from their perspective and the money is wasted.   CFOs and CEOs only have a hint of an idea on branding.  To them branding is just another way for marketing to spend money without being held accountable.

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A movie on lead management?


Wouldn't this be nice?  But converting sales leads is based on follow-up by a sales rep, not something most reps do.  In fact

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Are you the mediocre manager that is always at your best?

At the end of my February 26th, 2012 blog entry on the Sales Lead Management Association, (one of the best read so far) entitled “All know the way; few actually walk it. ~Bodhidharma,” I quoted Giraudoux’s famous saying, “Only the mediocre are always at their best.”  

IStock_000000796755SmallAs typically happens when we read something like this, we assume “the mediocre” is always someone else.  It’s certainly not us.  Now maybe that’s true in your case, or maybe it isn’t; maybe there are many mediocre managers, or just some with mediocre traits and results.   Maybe its just someone who continually cuts corners. 

I offer the following thoughts on what a mediocre sales or marketing manager can most often be accused of as it pertains to their work.   I think “the mediocre” marketing and sales managers (as regards to sales leads) possess these traits:

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Marketing Performance Drive Leads which drives sales!

Said another way, your marketing performance drives sales lead performance, which drives sales performance. Either way it works. 

IStock_000016044984SmallFailure starts with a lack of marketing performance, which is often due to inadequate budgeting. The root cause of inadequate marketing budgeting lies with executives who do not understand the causative effect marketing spending has on lead generation and sales performance.

Sometimes simple statements, as in the title of this article, are so obvious we overlook their implications. But executives can only understand these symbiotic relationships if they see a solid connection between spending and sales, which can only be proven by a solid sales lead management process. 

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"Well done is better than well said,” remarked Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin said this about 225 years ago and it is still fresh today. I just didn’t realize how much insight Ben had into marketing. With all of the talk we have heard about CRM for 20 plus years and the progress marketing automation has made for the last ten years, most marketing managers are still not walking the talk when it comes to measuring ROI for marketing lead generation.

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The Golden Rule for Making the Sales Forecast

The Golden Rule for achieving the sales forecast is: make the 1st month of the year.* Make the month and you will make the first quarter. Make the first quarter and your opportunity to make the second quarter increases dramatically. Make the 2nd quarter and the momentum taking you into the 3rd quarter is almost unstoppable. Make the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarters and you will virtually coast into the 4th quarter.

Which coincidently, sets you up for the first quarter of your new year. Nice the way this happens.

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Welcome to Sales Leakage Consulting

Sales Leakage, Inc, was formed in 1996, by James Obermayer, it serves the needs of corporations in the business to business market place.  Sales Leakage is defined as preventable breakdowns and points of friction that contribute to unnecessary sales losses. Sales Leakage includes the many "leaks" which hurt sales productivity, reduce marketing effectiveness and waste the three most valuable resources a company has: time, money, and people.


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Interview CEO Hour

Recent interview:

Sales Leakage: Plugging Up the Holes That Drain Your Profits - Jim Obermayer of Sales Leakage Consulting and Cerius Interim Executive Solutions Shares Sales Successes

the CEO Hour, October 22, 2010. Owner, James Obermayer, and author of "Sales & Marketing 365" will highlight the twelve most common, irritating and costly mistakes made by sales organizations. Sales Leakage includes the many "leaks" which hurt sales productivity, reduce marketing effectiveness and waste the two most valuable resources a company has: time and money www.salesleakage.com

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Typical Points of Inquiry Leakage

Leakage happens because most companies, unfortunately, are not counting all the inquiries they receive, nor are they attributing the inquiries to their proper sources…When this occurs, the marketing department will lose the ability to properly credit the lead-generating campaign that caused the person to make contact.

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