Company Capabilities
Active Conversion  Total marketing measurement (TMM) and demand generation.
SmartLead Customer Acquisition Management – ASP Vendor
B2B Direct Marketing and Web Copywriting Direct Marketing, Web Copywriting
Business2Business Marketing Telemarketing/Contact Center
Business Marketing Institute Assessing, Training, and Certifying Marketing Skills
Cerius Consulting Group Executive Consulting with Proven C-Level Leaders 
eMarketing Strategy Customer Acquisition and Retention
LEADTRACK Sales Lead Tracking and Management Software
NewLeads Trade Show Lead Acquisition Systems
Performark Delivering consistent & qualified B2B Pipelines
PRowrite Public Relations PR That Generates Response
Sales Leakage Consulting Inquiry Management – Consulting 
The Hill Group Trade Show Sales Skill Training  
The Kern Organization Direct Marketing Lead Generation 
The Velos Group, Inc.

Inquiry Management  CRM Integration and Processing

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