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Welcome to Sales Leakage Consulting

Sales Leakage, Inc, was formed in 1996, by James Obermayer, it serves the needs of corporations in the business to business market place.  Sales Leakage is defined as preventable breakdowns and points of friction that contribute to unnecessary sales losses. Sales Leakage includes the many "leaks" which hurt sales productivity, reduce marketing effectiveness and waste the three most valuable resources a company has: time, money, and people.


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Common Mistakes in Fulfillment Packages

The following is an excerpt from: James Obermayer, Managing Sales Leads: Turning Cold Prospects Into Hot Customers, (Mason, Ohio, Textere an imprint of Thomson/South-Western, 2007) and Racom Books, Page 155 

The most common mistakes in literature packages are:

  1. The literature arrives too late. I was at a home improvement show last year and asked for literature from about 50 companies. The average response time was about three weeks. Only a few took the time to send out what I asked for within a day or so. Some companies took six months or longer to send me what I requested. Send literature within three days of the show's end. No exceptions.
  2. The company does not put a statement on the envelope that says "This is the literature you requested" or some such statement.
  3. The company sends non-requested literature.
  4. They send photocopied literature.
  5. There is no sales letter inside the package.

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