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Benchmarking: How To Keep Things Dynamic and Proactive

The following is an excerpt from: James Obermayer, Managing Sales Leads: Turning Cold Prospects Into Hot Customers, (Mason, Ohio, Textere an imprint of Thomson/South-Western, 2007) and Racom Books, Page240

How to Keep Things Dynamic and Proactive

Because inquiries and leads decay at a predictable rate, you now need a plan to stop the irritating odor (of decaying leads) that persists in the marketing and sales departments. This is the shortest chapter in the book, but it may be the most helpful. It is divided into three steps:

Step One: Benchmark your current follow-up and closing percentage. It lets you know the size of your problem and the opportunity.

Step Two: Perform an Inquiry Handling Audit. The answers to the audit questions will help you uncover the issues that have to be fixed in step three.

Step Three: Create a Road Map to Fix the Problems. Follow the twelve-steps outlined in this section to gain control of our marketing and sales processes.


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George Patton’s Lessons You Have No Choice But to Attack, Attack and Attack.

George Patton said, "Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some more."    During a recession, CEOs, presidents and sales and marketing managers are each confronted with one of two choices. 

  1. Will we defend, therefore shrink, possibly survive and in the process risk the death of our enterprise?
  2. Will we fight and take market share from those who choose defense and cannot manage their business?

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Sales Managment needs to get on board with the CRM Program

More than one of my clients has a sales manager that wants his salespeople to use the system, but he or she won’t use it themselves.   They can’t coach salespeople to use it and most just wink at salespeople when marketing people plead for them to close out the leads so marketing can put an ROI figure on campaigns. 
Hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of dollars are spend on a CRM program that has high hopes, but no support from the most important potential sponsor and user, the sales manager.  Without a buy-in from sales management, many CRM programs fail miserably and coincidentally so do the sales managers.

I have my own ideas, but can someone give our membership some of your own wisdom on how you over-came the resistance of the sales manager?   Tell us a story of the circumstance and what you did to succeed.

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