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Learn about Jim Obermayer's history and journey to becoming the CEO of Sales Leakage and the creation of the Sales Lead Management Association.

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You can't sprinkle sugar on bull____ and call it candy!

Sometimes it doesn’t make any difference how much sugar you add to something it won’t change the outcome.   Sprinkle a little or a lot of sugar on bull___ and it won’t change the taste; you can’t make it into candy.   You have to start with meaningful ingredients.  Let’s take sales lead management (yeah, I know it’s a stretch, but read a bit more).


 C-level managers want to spend only enough on marketing to make forecast.  That’s it.  Anything more from their perspective and the money is wasted.   CFOs and CEOs only have a hint of an idea on branding.  To them branding is just another way for marketing to spend money without being held accountable.

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Interview CEO Hour

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Sales Leakage: Plugging Up the Holes That Drain Your Profits - Jim Obermayer of Sales Leakage Consulting and Cerius Interim Executive Solutions Shares Sales Successes

the CEO Hour, October 22, 2010. Owner, James Obermayer, and author of "Sales & Marketing 365" will highlight the twelve most common, irritating and costly mistakes made by sales organizations. Sales Leakage includes the many "leaks" which hurt sales productivity, reduce marketing effectiveness and waste the two most valuable resources a company has: time and money www.salesleakage.com

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