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365book by James Obermayer

A Year's of Sales & Marketing Wisdom at Your Fingertips and on Your Computer! Be more productive and more effective and make more money with Quarterly Planners and a treasure chest of 365 tips — one for every day of the year — organized weekly.
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Managing_sales_leads_coverby James Obermayer

Nothing happens until a sale is made. You can't make a sale without a qualified sales lead. These two simple statements explain why sales leads are the lifeblood of every business organization, regardless of product or service. Author, James Obermayer, President of Sales Leakage Consulting and a 25-year sales and marketing veteran, gives real, everyday practical meaning and utility to all of the typical sales and marketing aphorisms.   
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Find_lost_revenuesby James W. Obermayer, Mark L. Freidman, Patrick McClure, Judy Key Johnson, and Philip A. Nasser

Finding new revenue is often a long, tough and expensive business proposition; finding lost revenue opportunities can be a much faster and less costly way to bring in sales dollars. In this newly-published 232-page book, five top-flight executives have come together to discuss 63 of the most common lost revenue issues facing B2B companies, and offer solutions to turning opportunities into sales. These seasoned pros have learned through their own corporate experience, interim management assignments, and consulting practices how to spot, diagnose and solve lost revenue issues confronting small to large companies. The authors are Patrick McClure, Mark L. Friedman, Judy Key Johnson, Philip A. Nasser and James W. Obermayer. The book is available on Amazon.com or through the Sales Productivity Institute (949) 763 1630 or the Connexia Group. (949) 858 0755.


How_To_Turn_Every_Prospect_Into_A_Customerby James Obermayer

The original book, Managing Sales Leads, How to Turn Every Prospect Into A Customer was written by James Obermayer, Bob Donath, Carol Dixon and Richard Crocker.  Published in 1996, the book sold 12,500 copies and is still in demand as the basic text book.  A few new copies of the book are still available, signed by Obermayer, from SalesLeakage Consulting. E-mail info@salesleakage.com for your copy.


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