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Sales & Marketing Industry Author & Businesses Move to Bellingham/Lynden

Whatcom County, WA - - Sept 25, 2014 - - James W. Obermayer, noted author, speaker and founder of the Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA) moved the association and his business, Sales Leakage Consulting, Inc., to the Lynden/Bellingham area this month. A four-time author and co-author of business books on sales and marketing, Obermayer said, “Moving these two businesses to this area has been a long time goal, and we expect to continue to be as successful here as we were in Southern California.”

The 8,000-member SLMA is a worldwide association of business professionals interested in the subjects of sales lead generation and management, and how these subjects together form the underlying principle for all successful businesses.



In addition to being the founder and executive director of the SLMA, Obermayer also hosts SLMA Radio, a weekly internet radio program which interviews business leaders on sales and marketing topics. SLMA Channel (also owned by the SLMA) produces additional internet radio programs for companies that want listenership about their products, services and/or ideas for at-work listeners.

Obermayer is also a recognized speaker on business topics such as: How to Fix the 18 Most Common Forms of Sales Leakage; the Three Sales Secrets Successful Salespeople Hide; Customer Relationship Management (CRM);Marketing Automation; and Generating Revenue from Marketing.

Sales Leakage Consulting, Inc. is an 18-year-old consulting firm that assists companies by identifying the underlying causes of revenue shortfalls and lost sales. This is accomplished with a unique Sales Improvement Workshop hosted by Obermayer or one of his associates. In many instances, Obermayer is called upon to be an interim sales and marketing manager for B2B companies.

About the Sales Lead Management Association

The mission of the Sales Lead Management Association is to help companies become successful in the critical business process of managing sales leads. The SLMA has 8,000 worldwide members and 300-plus articles from 60 authors on the SLMA website. Activities throughout the year include a blog, newsletter, ‘20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management,’ the ‘50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management,’ SLMA Weekly Radio (215 shows, 325 CEO interviews), and the SLMALive Radio Channel: internet radio for marketers and salespeople. Sponsorship programs are available. For more information about, call Sue Campanale at (360) 933-1259.

About Sales Leakage Consulting

The mission of Sales Leakage Consulting, Inc. is to help companies quickly identify areas of lost revenue and restore the company to its forecasted revenue track within three to six months. This is accomplished by one of several fast-analysis approaches (SLC Gap Analysis, Sales Planning Workshop, Sales SWOT Analysis, or a Sales Improvement Workshop.) Sales Leakage Consulting can be reached at (360) 933- 1652.

Obermayer As Speaker

Obermayer is a frequent speaker at corporations and conferences, and may be booked by calling Susan Campanale at (360) 933-1652. Books Obermayer has authored or co- authored: (photo jpgs of books/author available on request)


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