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Welcome to Sales Leakage Consulting

Sales Leakage, Inc, was formed in 1996, by James Obermayer, it serves the needs of corporations in the business to business market place.  Sales Leakage is defined as preventable breakdowns and points of friction that contribute to unnecessary sales losses. Sales Leakage includes the many "leaks" which hurt sales productivity, reduce marketing effectiveness and waste the three most valuable resources a company has: time, money, and people.


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In some cases Obermayer has performed Sales Lead Management Audits to ensure that sales inquiries are being properly managed. It is not unusual for Obermayer to find thousands of inquiries that are lost and not accounted for or followed up plus breakdowns in the CRM lead management processes.

Obermayer has been called upon to perform Sales Leakage analysis and related services for companies in the following fields:


  • Software
  • Medical Devices
  • Financial Services
  • Telemarketing
  • Hardware
  • Service Sectors
  • Electronics

In addition, Obermayer has helped companies create Sales Lead Generation Plans (also known as tactical marketing plans) in a workshop environment in only three days.

Prior to founding Sales Leakage Consulting, Inc., Obermayer served in various corporate positions as VP of Sales and Marketing, VP and Operations Manager, Director of Marketing, and Marketing Communications Manager.

In 2007 Obermayer founded the Sales Lead Management Association, a virtual association with the primary mission of helping companies become more successful in the critical business process of Managing Sales Leads. Everyone can become a member by registering and gaining access to the content on the site.

When you join, there will be no meetings or dues, only access to information and to a panel of experts who can help you solve difficult Sales Lead Management issues you are facing. The SLMA will provide best practices for marketing and sales management so that the marketing dollars put at risk have a predictable rate of return. Combined with helping companies develop best-in-class Sales Lead Management processes and procedures, as well as implementing best practices in the use of Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, we believe that those companies that refine their systems will experience both a competitive advantage and more predictable revenues.

Just for contacting us you will get a copy
of Jim Obermayer's article:

Know Why Sales Are Down?
 53 Questions To Help You Dig To The Bottom Of The Sales Panic!

Email Jim: jobermayer@salesleakage.com
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Call:  360-933-1652


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