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Resumes Need To Talk About Performance, Skip The I Love People Routine

In my job at Sales Leakage Consulting I help many companies find key executives to fill marketing and sales roles. Which means I review resumes. If I see one more resume that says the person likes to work with people or has a goal of learning new things I will throw-up. When I read a resume I want to see butt-kicking performance. My clients want to know what you can do for them and can you prove you have done it for others. I like to see resumes that says something like the following:

I am a Marketer That Grows Companies

In my last position I revamped the web site in 45 days, created a new marketing plan that drove sales and helped the salespeople make quota. My company went from 200 inquires a month to 2,000. My efforts in organic search put my company in the number one position in three months. We went from a lead conversion of 10% to 18% within 90 days. The salespeople in my company loved my programs. I can do the same for you. See me on Myspace at XXXXXXXXX, Linkedin at XXXXXXXX my own web site at XXXXXXXX. Call me at (111) 272 2222, email at jkjks@ljsldkjf.com I have strong irrefutable references.

Director of Marketing Needs Aggressive Company

I am an action oriented seasoned director of marketing that creates markets, drives quota attainment, builds marketing teams, and knows how to measure campaign ROI. In my last job I reduced our marketing expenses by measuring ROI and driving sales up 20% within 180 days. Using the web I created an on-line store, brought on a CRM system that actually worked and was liked by salespeople. My marketing department worked as a team with engineering rather than have a perpetual running battle with them. I can do the same for you with visible results in 90 days and sales results within 120. Call me at (878) 999 9999, email at: jkjsdf@jljsfd.com Go to Linkedin and see who I really am and what I can do for your company.

Create Resumes that Sell!

If you want a job, a real job, start posting resumes that sell. If you are a company that needs "A" players, ask those who look promising to give you a one paragraph statement of butt-kicking performance. Let’s face it, we chose people based on two criteria: competency and likeability. Competency is in the resume and with weak chronologically based resumes finding "A" players is a time-consuming, expensive crap-shoot. Create a resume that screams performance and what you have done for others.

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