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Sales Superstars are Not Irreplaceable!

You’re not the coach of a professional team that has to be held ransom by the so-called sales superstars who aren’t team players. If they don’t want to play for the coach (you), fire them and find someone who respects you, your products, and your customers.

Superstars from the salesperson ranks are more risky to hire than you would image. Just because they did well in one company with a particular product set does not mean they will shine as bright in a new company. They may, but there are seldom guarantees. When hiring new reps I rely on personality and sales skills tests to help me understand if the person has the drive, sales skills, energy, independence, and negotiating skills to be an "A" player. I ask if they have sold similar products for similar value. I do not take an outside sales rep and throw them inside and expect good results. The reverse is also true.

When hiring for my clients I rely on "Topgrading," as a hiring philosophy and process.

If you have a surperstar in your sales force and disruption is equal to the productivity disruption they create, think long and hard about your need for their sales contribution if there is havoc in their wake. Flawed, pain-in-the-butt sales superstars can always be replaced and when it happens the rest of the employees will applaud your strength of charter.

The bottom line is, I would rather have an "A" team player that a standalone superstar. Check out the book review on the Sales Lead Management Association book review.


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