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Interim Sales Management is the answer to stoking the fires in the belly of the sales beast!

You have booted out the sales manager or they have mercifully left of their own accord. Now you have a rudderless sales department just when you need it most. Sales are slack and if even the old sales manager wasn’t great you have always felt that bad breath was better than no breath. If this is your situation, consider it your lucky day that you have the opportunity to replace the nare-do-well with an interim sales manager that will light a fire where before there were only sparks.

Interim sales management demands are growing as statistics show that a new sales manager runs out of steam about every 24-36 months. When this happens performance suffers and the numbers drag. It gets uglier as the president takes 3-6 months to find a FTE for the job and the inmates run the sales asylum.

The solution is to hire a top flight, A Player, interim sales manager that can yank the sales train back on its track and deliver the company from the evil of declining sales. An interim sales manager is capable of evaluating the sales staff, replacing the C and D players, revamping the incentive compensation program, setting monthly and quarterly goals and quotas and helping you find a replacement. Because an interim sales manager has deadlines as part of the engagement contract, it is his or her responsibility to stoke the fire in the belly of the beast and get sales back on track. Fast.

Interim sales managers are familiar with slipping into the driver’s seat of a moving car while stepping on the gas. They are driven by a set of preconceived corporate objectives that are specific in nature and limited by time. The cost for an interim sales manager is determined by:

1. Fulltime or part time? Many interim sales manager work for you only 3-4 days a week.

2. How long the engagement will be (3 to six months is common).

Compensation for an interim is comparable to what you would have paid a fully loaded FTE sales manager. For instance , an interim sales managers day rate usually costs from 0.75% to 1.35% of the annual compensation for an FTE. If the annual compensation is over $125,000 the lower figure is used. One percent is common. Notice I say fully loaded compensation and not simply a base salary. In some circumstances the Interim Manager will take delayed compensation such as bonus payments based on goal attainment.

If you want to boost sales and give your sales organization a shot in the arm, consider an interim sales manager while you seek the FTE. You’ll get loads of experience with little or no downside.

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