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If Sales Lead Follow-Up Jumps To 100%...

Most companies admit to only having a 10-25% follow-up of their sales inquiries. With so little follow-up they are only reaching, on average, 25% of the buyers. This means that 75% of the marketing dollars spent on lead generation are wasted. But what if we have a world where:

• Sales follows up 100% of the inquiries (all inquiries not just leads).

• Marketing measures the sales contribution value of every campaign.

I can tell you what will happen:

1. Sales will increase in 90 days.

2. Salespeople will make quota consistently when sales inquiries are followed up.

3. The turn-over in the sales force will be reduced.

4. Sales expenses will drop as average closure rates increase.

5. Marketing will be stronger and proud of its contributions to the wealth of the company.

6. Marketing management will become a builder of wealth not a spender of revenue.

7. Marketing will no longer be a variable but a fixed expense for lead generation.

This is already a reality for many companies. Maybe they are small in number, and they are secretive, because who wants to empower their competitors when the solution to increasing sales is so simple.

To become like them you need business rules for follow-up and measurement and a system to report on results. There is a requirement for enlightened sales managers who have control over their salespeople. And, you need a marketing manager who doesn’t mind being measured for his or her contributions.

It really is simpler than you think, but you have to think and act to make it happen.


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