Are salespeople getting in front of prospects faster than your Competitors?

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Because 10% to 15% of sales from inquiries are made within three months, you're losing sales if the salespeople are slow about getting in front of prospects. Get your salespeople in the door first and let them set the table for others to follow. If salespeople aren't in front of their prospects soon enough, you can lose 25-50% of the sales potential because you're too slow. In sales, you are quick or you are dead.

Recent research shows that for many products being first to respond to a web inquiry (within a minute to a few minutes) can make a 50% difference in who gets the sale

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Why It's Important: Marketing Plans

On Marketing Planning
Why it’s Important:
"Companies without a marketing plan are at a disadvantage as they never know where they are going, the cause of the outcome or when they arrived."
Sales Lead Management Association


Salespeople will do almost anything for a Qualified Sales Lead


When salespeople are asked what they want from the company, the response is always the same, "Don't give me more leads, give me qualified leads."

Qualified leads are a direct result of a marketing plan based on the sales forecast.   Marketing plans need a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) which leads to Objectives, Strategies and Tactics which leads to a qualified sales lead forecast based on the sales forecast.    Qualified sales leads equal revenue at a higher rate than raw leads. 

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The Sales Lead Management Association is closing the voting booth at the end of the day on December 6th for the 40 Most Inspiring Leaders in Sales Lead Management. Winners announced December 15th.


Why is the Sales Process Such a Mystery?

It must be a mystery because so few companies do it well!

CRM failure is usually linked to a faulty sales process definition!

IStock_000019380676_SmallOne of the most common questions a sales consultant will ask, because so few companies have it right, is “What is your sales process?”  It’s a common question I ask and the answers are often evasive, confused, too simple, or too complex and they all have something in common: the sales process was usually created without the consent of or input from the people who use it - - the salespeople.

Considering that the sales process (also referred to as stages or steps) is used for the sales forecast, the basis for so much of the company’s operations, it borders on stupid that the salespeople aren’t consulted on either the steps or the language by which they will manage their business and future. 

Granted, some sales representatives welcome an obscure definition and structure.  It helps them hide, avoid embarrassing questions, and control what management hears.  However, it also obscures what management knows about the future revenue, cash flow inventory, and a host of other key business indicators…all because the salespeople were not consulted.  

 Sales Processes Cannot be Created in a Vacuum, or in the CEO’s Head

Understanding the sales steps that together make up the sales process should start with understanding how customers buy your products (a subject for another time), and then understanding how the most successful salespeople in your organization sell. 

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A Lesson from George Patton: You Have no Choice But to Attack, Attack and Attack.

During challenging times,  from CEOs and presidents to marketing and sales managers each is confronted with one of two choices. 

  1. Will we defend, therefore shrink, possibly survive and in the process risk the death of our enterprise?
  2. Will we fight and take market share from those who choose defense and cannot manage their business?

If the company chooses defense it takes the chance it will save itself into a corporate graveyard.  If it survives it will most likely give up a large chunk of its market share to a more aggressive competitor. Those who took the option to simply survive by cutting back on sales and marketing and shrink the company may die a bankrupt death or barely survive to compete.  They must rebuild the marketing and sales departments and their credit lines.  Their future is bleak, but they may have a future if nothing else than to sell to a competitor who understands the meaning of the word attack.  

Why this matters:

Nobody ever defnded anything successfully!

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Sales & Marketing Industry Author & Businesses Move to Bellingham/Lynden

Whatcom County, WA - - Sept 25, 2014 - - James W. Obermayer, noted author, speaker and founder of the Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA) moved the association and his business, Sales Leakage Consulting, Inc., to the Lynden/Bellingham area this month. A four-time author and co-author of business books on sales and marketing, Obermayer said, “Moving these two businesses to this area has been a long time goal, and we expect to continue to be as successful here as we were in Southern California.”

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Maybe this is the formula for fiction.  Romantic fiction.  Women’s fiction.  When I think about it, however, this is like redemptive stories from successful people. 

Most successful people have done things wrong, they sinned, caused issues and problems for those around them and in their businesses.  

Why it matters

Marketing is a learned skill that comes from trial and error, and learning from others. Longevity in the discipline helps. Be a “learner."



Critical Mass Radio

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Learn about Jim Obermayer's history and journey to becoming the CEO of Sales Leakage and the creation of the Sales Lead Management Association.

Sales Leakage explained.



Why do some people have to pee on an electric fence before they learn?

Will Rogers said, “There are three kinds of men: The ones that learn by reading, the few who learn
by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.”

IStock_000008142616SmallSo I ask, why do marketers, in spite of irrefutable evidence have to learn in the most painful way that there is a predictable return on investment for lead generation programs?

Some marketers run marketing programs without an attempt at an ROI and get burned when management wakes up and asks for them to prove the return on investment. And yet there is a plethora of information on how to prove the ROI.

(Image from iStockphoto.com)

Click here and see what Silverpop has to say in their white paper entitled: Show How Marketing Makes Money: A 5-Step Plan for Proving ROI

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